Welcome! You’re here for the first time so you probably liked our blog, because somehow you felt like devoting 2 minutes to find out who is responsible for all this fuss. Alright, okay… this is a classic ABOUT US but you know… we want to show you something else … Something more.

About us


Our friends of ten laugh when we tell them we were meant for each other, even on paper. I mean it! Ania Nowak and Marcin Nowak, both AFTER and BEFORE the wedding, so we didn’t even have to change the ID cards. We’ve been together since high school, with highlander blood ever since (Nowy Sącz), although in Silesia from childhood. We’re real highlanders who really loved this peculiar, magical region and it’s not likely we’re going to betray Silesia. We like each other a lot.
After 25 years in Zabrze we moved to … the neighboring Bytom, to settle down near a wonderful CHP Szombierki, probably the most beautiful object of that kind in the world. Tim Burton, visit us! We’re dividing our work between Bytom and Sosnowiec.

We love places, we’re huge enthusiasts of places … Travels are our way of life and almost every bit of spare time. We have visited (ONLY) almost 50 countries and 50 cities and towns altogether, so actually we’re not even halfway but our dream is simple – travelling around the world or to be more modest – along Marco Polo’s trail. And in good shape together till the end …



Born in 85, which is the best and certainly the most abundant year … All the children of the world get to her and listen to her. <Yes, it’s possible > and by a positive quirk of fate she graduated from three Silesian universities at a time. You can decipher the abbreviations – UŚ, AWF and UE – including two tourist economic faculties and one pedagogical. That’s the explosive mixture. Qualified as an expert in revitalization of post-industrial monuments and touristic products. She loves Polish mountains, Arabian countries and Islamic culture.  She doesn’t remember when her love towards cats appeared, although she hasn’t got her own kitty yet. In every bit of her spare time she reads travelling books, books by Orhan Pamuk, she polishes Spain by songs by Jarabe de Palo or Chambao and she bakes the best chocolate cake ever – perhaps you’d like the recipe :> ? Her favorite city: Istanbul. She prefers wine.


Also born in ‘85. Geographer since kindergarten times when he grabbed a Russian atlas for kids, purchased on one of the fairs by his grandpa and dad. And he cried „Mummy, I want a globe!” At the age of 7 he knew all the capital cities and flags and then it somehow flew that he got crazy about it. Geography became his third arm, third eye, third ear … he drew maps under his Math notebook. Maps of everything. Then he decided „let’s keep on moving, study for passion”. And guess what? Geography at the Silesian University was a good time, you could breathe with full life (if only not that chemistry and math, aargh). Later on, still on the studies, he pretty accidentally ‘got into the media’, he led his own travel show in TV,  big press, small press, the internet, social media and that’s how it’s been for 7 years now. Today he just regrets beginning travelling a few years too late. In his free time he listens to movie music, draws, takes photos, makes videos, plays FIFA and hunts for cheap flights. His favorite city: Rome. He prefers beer but Ania convinced him into wine.


You take awesome pictures! I could watch them all over again…’

‘I guess nobody can inspire others to travelling as much as you do’

‘Your blog has an amazing flow. It’s extremely original.’

What do we write about? Why is this blog here?

We’ve always dreamt to make a nice website about travels or travelling in general. Travels have always been with us, with families, with choir, then studies and Poland all the way around and around (although there are no photos from those years that could be good for the blog) but just after studies and wedding we both caught the bug of cheap flights across Europe and that’s how it came out – that’s why this blog. Together with pre-blog times we visited forty-something countries and forty-something cities so far and it’s not even halfway. We barely looked around and there … it turns out it’s currently the most popular Polish blog about travelling with a number of readers exceeding 300 thousand readers a month. You can find more details below…

We write about three most important things in life – passion, dreams and making them come true, or, let’s put into a different division – ideas of independent and cheap travelling, interesting places, our expeditions and feelings.

The main subjects and posts on the blog:

» Europe, North Africa, Middle East, South and South-east Asia.
» Weekend trips to cities and regions
» Journeys following movies, books, TV series
» Cheap flights and ways of cheap travelling and sightseeing
» Ideas for flights, accommodations and tourist bargains
» Guides, rankings, subjective guides
» Conscious travelling, preparing to the journey
» Geography, history, art, architecture

Why the green butterfly?

That’s it … After a year we owe you some explanation. A butterfly in the logo is Danaius, which is a popular monarch butterfly. One of the most interesting creatures on Earth, a traveler with an amazing instinct. Every year that species of migratory butterfly travels from Canada to one and the same valley to Sierra Nevada in Mexico. It always gets there. In the first version the butterfly had a form of a pixelated icon. Since 2018 it works as a refreshed version symbolizing a butterfly in the shape of a heart made of map markers.

Awards and prizes:

Blog of the Year 2013
Contest by Onet.pl – award winner in the ‘Journeys’ category. The title of ‘The most creative blog in Poland’

Top 20 Most Influential Blog
The Jasonhunt.pl ranking: silver 10 in 2018 and 2016 and Brown 10 in 2017

Geographic Traveller 2018
Nomination to the prize ‘Traveller Online’. Bronze in voting by readers

Raport Presservice
Top 3 of travelling blogs with the best access in the media

The most popular in social media
The report in the National Geographic website for the year 2016. The most of text interactions in SM

The best travelling blog According to the content quality assessment by Google
in the Report Crolove.pl for the year 2016


Advertising, cooperation, affiliate links

You can find the details of what kinds of commercial collaborations and advertising campaigns we undertake in the special section – COOPERATION

On the blog you might find affiliate links (some of them turn to booking flights and accommodation sites). It means that in the case when a reader makes a purchase after entering the website from that link – we get a small provision from that transaction. That money serves for operating activities of our blog (taxes, ZUS, subscription fees, servers and also current expenses during the journey– flights, accommodation).

Our Clients (from 2012-2022):


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